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Publication Criteria

The British Landlords Association will consider blogs and articles for publication provided the following conditions are met:

  1. You must be a member, membership is free.
  2. The blog/article must be 600 + words.
  3. The blog/article must not have promotional links (save for one backlink to source website)
  4. The blog/article must not be directly promotional.
  5. The blog/article must be property-related. 
  6. The blog/article must be well written and appropriately researched.
  7. You will need to provide your full name and address with a telephone number.
  8. If you have images these need to be 1200 x 630 pixels. We may use our own branded images.
  9. The blog/article must be fresh and original. Our editorial team use technology to check each paragraph to if it is already on the web. 
  10. Any blog/article even partially already on the web will be rejected (quotes text is accepted).
  11. Any material provided with a link back to your website is required to send an email from the link domain (example: anydomain.co.uk link would require an email from anydomain.co.uk from this domain fred@anydomain.co.uk. 

If you wish to submit an article/blog, you can send us the material by email at media@thebla.co.uk

The British Landlord Association has no obligation to publish any material and may refuse any publication without reason.

Our editorial Team:

Amanda Goldsmith    amanda@thebla.co.uk

Harrish Patel               harrish@thebla.co.uk

Simon Hampton         simon@thebla.co.uk

Sarah Featherstone    sarah@thebla.co.uk