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Property RSS feed for the UK and worldwide


Property RSS feeds

10 top property housing market RSS feed including the latest British Landlord Association (The BLA) RSS feeds for property news worldwide, including the UK. 

Topics include the Buy to Let market, the state of the housing market, and the property finance sector.

Receive the latest BLA News delivered straight to your desktop with the British Landlord Association On line’s RSS service

What is an RSS feed?

It stands for Really Simple Syndication and is generally faster and a straightforward way to get the latest property housing market news to your computer, laptop, or Android phone.

All you have to do is download a paid-for reader or a free version, then add the feeds to it as required. 

How do RSS feeds work?

Checking each website one by one will take too long and is not practical. One option is to Sign up for the newsletters to keep up with the latest updates and information.

However, it’s has a disadvantage that the emails might be marked as spam or ignored by your crowded inbox. Suppose you, relying purely on the website’s social media updates. In that case, this potentially risks you miss something important you wanted to know about.

That’s it, then, each time a blog is published, a headline will immediately appear on your reader, and you can click on it to read the full article.

RSS Feed reader

Once you have installed the reader, simply copy the web address into the “Create new feeds” part of your reader or drag the URL of the feed into your news reader. You can add headlines from any website displaying the orange RSS logo.

Download a free reader

Feedreader – http://www.feedreader.com

Alternatively, do a Google search to find many other RSS readers.

RSS feed can also be read and subscribed in some commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Website readers

You can also add News feeds to websites such as Microsoft Live, My Yahoo!, iGoogle and Net Vibes.

Browser readers

Lots of web browsers such as Firefox and Opera allow you to view RSS feeds inside the browser. You can either paste the URL of the selected RSS feed into Firefox as a live bookmark or find the orange icon at the bottom of the Firefox browser window and select subscribe.

This is the list of the top 10 property, and housing market RSS feeds:

  1. British Landlord Association (The BLA)  All property topics are covered by a wide range of authors. On average, the BLA publish between 3 to 4 blogs a week.

2. Property Eye RSS Feed Mostly property topics that cover a wide range of authors. On average, property Eye 30 posts a week.  

3. LandlordZONE Knowledge for Landlords, Agents & Property Professionals. RSS Feed. LandlordZone has a broad spectrum of posts, including the letting industry.      They produce about 23 blogs a week. 

4. PropertyWire RSS Feed is a reliable source of information for UK landlords. Well, research and detailed articles. Property wire produces on average 23 reports for the UK property market.

5. The Landlord Law Blog RSS Feed is a detailed legalistic blog website that produces blogs mainly related to the UK housing market legislation. Topics covered are usually in England & Wales.

6. Letting Agent Today, RSS Feed is a specific target feed aimed at the letting agent industry for England, Wales & Scotland.

7.Landlord Advice UK RSS feed is mainly related to commercial and residential property law exclusively in the UK. It covers eviction, tenancy agreement, bailiffs, court process and procedure. In addition, it covers COVID-19 rules for landlords and the notice periods. 

8. British Landlord Association daily newspaper is a free online paper for professional property investors and reports on a wide selection of topics related to the housing market in the UK and worldwide. 

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