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A new initiative – Raising housing standards is social housing in Scotland

scotland new initiative indicatorHousing Network and HouseMark Scotland to produce new indicators

Raising housing standards is social housing in Scotland is the buzz word for social housing professionals.

A new initiative by Scotland’s “Housing Network” and “HouseMark Scotland” jointly will develop new Key Performance Indicators to support social landlords. The aim is to measure compliance and performance concerning tenant safety in the social housing sector.

This new initiative will be an addition to the Grenfell fire safety regulations. With the regulatory and statutory tenant safety obligations, coupled with best-practice standards, it is anticipated a new benchmark indicator can be implemented. The benchmarking specialists need to combine their knowledge to co-produce the new indicators with representatives from their membership.

These indicators, both organisations have said, will be available openly for the benefit of the wider housing sector to use.

HouseMark Scotland and Housing Network, have both said; they are committed to ensuring a true collaboration, not only between the two organisations but also with their membership. To enable this collaboration, they are jointly recruiting a team of volunteer members to provide expert input and guidance into the development of the indicators, this will lead to the genuine co-production of the outputs, for the benefit of the entire sector.

Kirsty Wells, head of HouseMark Scotland, said: “With tenant safety high on everyone’s agenda, following Grenfell, I am excited that we will be working jointly, with Scotland’s Housing Network, and our members on this new project. Our aim is to develop a suite of new metrics which will assist landlords in demonstrating their performance in such a key business area.”

Andrea Finkel-Gates, CEO Scotland’s Housing Network, added: “I am delighted, that Scotland’s Housing Network and HouseMark Scotland are working together on this joint project. Bringing together our joint expertise is not only beneficial for SHN and HMS members, but also the wider housing sector, and tenants throughout Scotland.” 

Helen Cartwright from the British Landlords Association Scotland said: “This is an excellent initiative and we welcome the new indicators”.  

Source: British Landlords Association

Date: 17th of February 2020

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