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My Backyard in the spirit of Steve Jobs is following the road of the uncompromising


Steve Jobs created one of the most revolutionary products in history, the iPhone. Amongst many of his achievements, he was the largest shareholder in Pixar and helped transform children’s film entertainment through computer-animated blockbusters like Toy Story. He was one of the most influential people of our time and his legacy will never be forgotten.

Building an Amazing Product

My Backyard in the spirit of Steve Jobs is following the road of the uncompromising. We’re ripping up the rule book with a new listings model that challenges established concepts:

  • What it is to be an agent?
  • How to measure value? And questioning
  • What we mean by excellent customer service?

It would be so easy to follow the path of many proptech companies and develop a solution that slots straight into the existing top-down model, but that would be a gimmick and users would see through it. Instead, our solution promises to change the property culture of an entire global industry so as to as Steve Jobs magnificently stated, “Put a dent in the universe.  Otherwise, why else be even be here?”

The Experiential

My most memorable consumer experience was a cinematic one, watching Star Wars as a 12-year-old-boy and coming out of the film, high on adrenaline, totally immersed in a crazy world of fantasy with no frame of reference just knowing that the creator, George Lucas had taken the power of imagination to a spiritual level.  For me, seeing Darth Vader’s character and hearing Obi-Wan Kenobi utter that now iconic phrase, “Let the force be with you, for the very first time was a transcendental experience and it permanently raised my expectations of film-going.

We want consumers to be blown away by, for the first time, experiencing real-estate-empowerment through marketing their own properties to the world.  This is our vision of the property market, which is rooted in the concept of sharing and growing a social ecosystem to create value; marketing properties through social networking and social media collaborations to make the property market truly appealing, fun and rewarding.

Blueprint of the Future Global Real-Estate Market

My Backyard Platform will reinvent  the role agent and see the emergence of key players with greater responsibilities for marketing properties, social-media-property-agents; part-time agents and social-media influencers that leverage their networks to let, sell and buy property through ‘peer-to-peer listings’, ‘social-media moments’ to showcase homes in a diversity of social settings that create consumer buy-in. This transforms our fundamental understanding of a property brochure as something much more dynamic, cultural, and inherently social and it will boost sales.

Our solution represents a twenty first century property listing culture for the social media age with personality, branded by international consumers for the future generation of renters and homeowners. We’re talking about a vibrant global marketplace open for business 24/7, minute-by-minute on users’ home timelines and where traditional consumers will be soon be rushing to join to save time, money and more importantly, come on board with a new spiritually uplifting experience.

Focus on Quality

Subsequent to the company’s near collapse, Apple went from developing 3000 products to just 4 under Steve Job’s management. The move to a smaller product line with more focus on quality was one of the key reasons for Apple’s success and the creation of the iPhone. Steve Jobs was a true inspiration. His countless accomplishments went far beyond the business world and will forever frame our cultural heritage and learning. We bow to the man’s genius.

My Backyard Platform is a minimum viable product with one core function, to share.  Users and providers can share listings, network to share property information and speed up property searches through sharing contacts.

This is just the start. As we grow our network, we will reinvest in the technology to enrich the customer journey through upscaling with blockchain technology in digital conveyancing. The landscape of the global real-estate market is changing and My Backyard Platform is a digitised marketing solution to meet consumer expectations for decades to come.

Creating a Great Team

Our team is passionate about customer service, real-estate and new technologies. Avalon Labs have developed a successful reputation as a leading innovator in India by helping to build sustainable businesses and great international brands in companies like FoxBound. We share the same values of dedication and commitment to develop a fantastic product that will not be compromised, whose integrity will shine through to stand the test of time.

We’re on a mission to create a global real-estate OTC Exchange with transparent and open communication at all times, run on blockchain. In this way, consider My Backyard Platform as more than just another product and about establishing a fresh set shared values that consumers will trust and can engage the world-over. 

Platform Demo

Our platform demo is available now.  It’s a great aid to walk you through the on-boarding procedure as well as explain how to use the key features so that you can immediately start creating listings and networking with global communities to grow your business.

We hope that you will collaborate with us to build our brand, an exciting platform aiming to transform the real-estate market from below and help “put a dent in the universe.”

Our solution is FREE to early adopters. You can sign up today via the platform:

Source; Mybackyard written for the British Landlords Association

Author; Mr Clive Cain

Date; 2nd of March 2019

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