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My Backyard FREE Global Property listing Platform

my backyard british landlord asssociation the bla best“The concept of My Backyard is a brilliant innovation.” Mr Ahmad, CEO of the British Landlord Association.”

FREE to private sellers/landlords, agents and suppliers, My Backyard’s platform delivers an innovative way for providers to create their own listings and connect instantly with the world via social media channels. To understand how the solution works, first you have to tear up the rule book. Secondly, you have to embrace a digitised world of Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency
and then the magic begins.


To transact on the platform, you will need to complete My Backyard’s KYC and AML process, which creates a digital fingerprint and digital passport and takes a matter of minutes. The process,
effectively secures proof of ID from consumers and proof of ownership from property owners. This ensures, everyone on the platform can be safe in the knowledge, that whoever they are transacting with, is who that they say they are. You are now free to start listing and networking.


It takes a matter of minutes to create a listing and even less to market your property to the world using Google, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Compares this with web-portals where reach is limited to one or two countries. Listings can take days and even longer before an agent can arrange a first viewing. Now with our solution, advertising your property globally is not only possible, it’s the only way to secure real value in a globalised world where 4 billion people are now online. Think of the Infinity pool at the Villa Honegg luxury hotel in Switzerland. Thanks to its popularity on Instagram, it no longer needs to spend money on advertising.


We’re bringing communities together on our platform to network, minute-by-minute from every corner of the world to create value from sharing information about their locality, THEIR
BACKYARD. We believe, that our solution unlocks the true potential of the shared economy to drive the sales/lettings market, especially as social media begins to have a greater influence in the real estate sector. My Backyard is harnessing those informal networks in bars, the gym, restaurants, school pickups to maximise deal flows for all stakeholders.

When you list on our platform, you know that there’s potential to receive interest from a tenant relocating to the UK, or an overseas investor looking to purchase a property in London. Providers will be able to upload a listing anywhere in the UK. Potential to secure offers from buyers and renters anywhere in the world, on your smartphone or laptop you will be able stay connected day-and-night. Manage your listings and networks whilst on the move and this is just the start. As our network grows, we will look to expand our IT solution with Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency. This will add greater value by facilitating friction-less border payments and implementing digital contracts.


Many are overlooking the value of blockchain in the real-estate market, but My Backyard sees huge potential for it to revolutionise the customer journey. Shieldpay through Barclays have already
completed the UK’s first fully digital mortgage transaction and Land Registries worldwide are already exploring how blockchain can speed up digital conveyancing. The UK Land Registry will have most, if not all, title deeds registered digitally by 2021.

Blockchain makes possible, the ability to purchase property anywhere in the world within hours. My Backyard’s digitised marketing solution will ensure, that it’s our platform that providers will need to advertise through, to achieve global visibility, in an instant. I recently came across this quote from Abraham Lincoln which best sums up our project, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

British Landlords Association sees My Backyard as a Great Innovation

It has been the best part of a year in development and now days from launch, My Backyard is pioneering a new solution and has high hopes for success with a network of over 143,000 including its collaboration with The British Landlords Association. The first of many such collaborative initiatives. My Backyard believes, that its solution will have a positive impact on the market, especially for private sellers/landlords, small independents, commercial providers and high street agents. All looking for cost-effective solutions with a global reach to market their listings instantly.

To register as an early adopter please visit:

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