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London Mayor fast tracks 25 affordable housing schemes

london-mayor-planning-british-landlord-association-reports-2018Some good news, the London Mayor approves 25 developments with 35% or more affordable housing through his fast-track planning system.

The planning system, introduced in August last year, fast tracks developments of more than 10 homes through the planning system if they deliver 35% affordable homes. This Planning policy was part of a plan to allow developers to avoid viability assessments by meeting a threshold of 35% affordable housing to encourage and makes things for developers.

The London mayor released the figures on his fast-track policy in response to a question from Sian Berry, London assembly member for the Green Party.

Mr Khan said the 25 developments did not include estate regeneration schemes and schemes where 35% or more affordable housing was proposed but which were refused permission by the London borough.

Missed planning targets have led to a shortfall of more than 33,000 affordable homes across London in two years, according to new research by Sian Berry AM, who is urging the Mayor to get tougher with the London boroughs.

Sian Berry’s report ‘No-Show Homes: Finding London’s Missing Affordable Housing’ asks: how many of the affordable homes that are the real key to helping Londoners should have been built in recent years but were not?

You can read the report by clicking Here.

A report prepared by Ms Sian Berry claimed that in the four quarters before the policy came into force, the average number of affordable homes in a development was 18.25%. After it began, the four quarter average was 20.75%.

Mr Khan was elected on a promise to deliver 50% affordable housing in London, as part of a push to deliver 116,000 affordable homes in London by 2022. This target seems a long way off, even if we have just over 3 years to go before 2022.

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