Landlords Association Recent Landlord News Manchester lettings agent ‘drops rogue landlord’ after protest outside office

Manchester lettings agent ‘drops rogue landlord’ after protest outside office

latest-landlord-news-the-bla-british-landlord-association-newsA lettings agent has reportedly agreed to stop working with a landlord following demonstrations outside its office by members of renters’ union Acorn.

A group of around 15 protestors held a demonstration this week outside the offices of Mustafa and Co Property Management in south Manchester after a tenant returned to their rental property after Christmas to find the locks had been changed.

It was not the first incident with the landlord, who earlier this year was apparently accused of attempting to illegally evict the tenant before police were called and the renter was allowed to stay.

Residents cheered on the protestors, according to reports.

The agent agreed to allow the tenant back into house and provided written agreement that they would drop the landlord.

Acorn Manchester said on its Facebook page: “The lettings agents have dropped the landlord and are no longer representing him and we’re currently getting the tenant back into his home.

“The tenants united will never be defeated.”

The tenant is said to have returned to find his laptop and other items missing.

EYE has sought further comment from Acorn and have also contacted Mustafa and Co, but without success.

Source: Property Industry Eye

Author: Marc Shoffman

Date: 10th of January 2020

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