Landlords Association Recent Landlord News Letter from a Angry landlord – is this a reflection of how landlords feel?

Letter from a Angry landlord – is this a reflection of how landlords feel?

bla-landlord-letter-small-landlordsWe are very upset the way landlords are treated

We received a letter from one of our Ex members, he wanted us to publish it.

Dear BLA

I and my wife are very upset the way landlords are treated, we have been landlords for 20 years, i am 77 years old a retired police officer. The last few years i feel our government has wrecked the property market. We are not professional landlords we only had one property which we rented. We bought it to help us pay bills so we would not struggle paying the bills.

We used the money from my pension to buy the house which we had. We never had any problem renting it that is until the last 2 years. I had a tenant who was our tenant for about 8 years. I religiously gave my tenant a new tenancy each year and maintained the property well.

Through a friend who also has one property he rents i found out that you have to protect the tenants deposit. So when i renewed my tenants deposit i protected it and gave her all the papers. My tenant than realised that deposits had to be protected from the papers i gave her and if the landlord did not protect the deposit the tenant could claim up to 3 times the deposit.

Demanding we pay £23,000, compensation

She went to a solicitor who wrote to us demanding we pay in total £23,000, they wanted compensation for each tenancy. The previous tenancies the deposit was not protected. We were very upset by this for two reasons, we did not have £23,000 we were just managing getting by.  The rent we were getting each month was £475 PCM from the tenant.

We had a solicitor deal with our case and our solicitor settled the tenants claim at £17,500 and in addition we had to pay legal costs of £1,100.

The law is the Law

The law is the Law as a ex police officer i respect that, however we are unhappy with the government, they introduced the deposit law, what did the government do to make landlords aware of this?

The council have telephone numbers, email address and postal address for all landlords, especially those who’s tenants are on benefits like my ex tenant.

It was easy for the government to at least by email to make landlords aware of the new law they intended to bring in.

We were so upset and bemused by the system we sold the property as my wife has cancer and we do not know how many years we have to live, so sell up and use the money worry about things later. Besides we borrowed the money to pay the tenant, we had no choice we had to sell.

We met our tenant in town last week, we are still on talking terms. When we evicted her the council put her in a B & B. She has 3 children, an unofficial boyfriend who lives with her. She said all 5 of them sleep in one room. That is what the council have given her.

6 months still nowhere to live

She told us she has been there in this B & B for 6 months and the council have said they have nowhere to put her. she also told me the council lady said that there is now less property to rent for tenants in the private sector and this is one of the reasons it is going to take time to house her.

How much tax payers money is being used towards the B & B?

We have 2 friends who are landlords, very small landlords one has one property the other 2 properties. Having a conversation with them they too have put their properties up for sale, they have both said enough is enough.

What i cannot understand what is our government doing are they aware the misery they are causing for landlords and tenants?

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