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Landlords are ‘sick of being utilised as a cash cow’

Buy-to-let landlords who own properties in Blackpool are being urged to lobby against plans to introduce a selective licensing scheme in the town.

Blackpool Council has launched a 10 week consultation open until 8th June on proposals to introduce a selective licensing scheme in the central area, which is comprised of the Bloomfield, Brunswick and Talbot wards.

All landlords under the scheme would need to submit a valid application for each property they wish to rent out, with the council proposing a standard licensing fee of £775 per property, with dwellings that the council deems suitable meeting the ‘Blackpool standard’ paying a rate of £542 (30% discount).

But the Fylde Coast Landlords Forum believes that the proposed fee shows that landlords are being used as ‘cash cows’, and that is why the organisation wants to take action to stop the plans getting the go-ahead.

A detailed dossier objecting to the licensing proposal has already been handed to politicians by the organisation, and campaigner Bob Jackson is now calling on all landlords to petition against the plans.

Jackson told the Blackpool Gazette: “The council already has a sufficiency of powers to tackle any unruly accommodation and good landlords are sick of being utilised as a cash cow.”

He added: “The time has now come to stop interference with the private landlords who are essentially efficient SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) contributing vast amounts already to the treasury in tax.”

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