Here you will find template Letters for – Rent arrears, Breach of tenancy, Court action, Court Bailiff and Section 8, 21 and other notices.

The British Landlords Association has provided all our members, what they may need to run their letting business from day today. 

However, should you require a particular document and you cannot find it, please contact us, if it is of use to other members, our lawyers will produce it for you, free of charge. Note: Notice period for section 8 & 21 is 3 months under the Coronavirus Act 2020, if you are unsure seek advice from our helpline 01293 855700

COVID-19 Rent Arrears

COVID-19 template for landlords to use for defaulting renters through the COVID-19 period. Sets out the current legal position regards to paying rent.

Section 21 Guide

COVID-19 April 2020 Section 21 form 6A guide for landlords. Due to recent legislation, the Notice period for eviction has changed, please read this guide before serving a section 21 Notice on your tenant.

Section 21 Wales

Section 21 Notice for Wales, this notice is a periodic section 21 notice only to be used when the tenancy has expired. Must not be used during the fixed period of the tenancy or for England.

Section 21 Notice

New COVID-19 Section 21 notice Form 6A, you can use the covering letter under this section to accompany your Notice. Ensure you read our section 21 notice guide before serving the Notice.