Landlords Association Recent Landlord News Homeless Campaign – Give a £1 & You Could WIN £2000!!!

Homeless Campaign – Give a £1 & You Could WIN £2000!!!

Campaign to raise £250,000 for the homeless

the-bla-homeless-afsHow long would you survive, it could happen to you??!!  It’s going to be very cold and freezing soon,

So please give a £1 to help fund a new life for those less fortunate.

The BLA & AFS launch the monthly “Help us to Help the Homeless” Cash Prize Draw.

1st Prize £200 – 2nd £50  – 3rd 25 plus 5 x £50 – First draw 1st December 2018.

The BLA & AFS buy ticketUnlike many we aim to use the funds to create a permanent roof over the heads of the Homeless and remove the stigma of No Fixed Abode.

This means they can get into the social care system and stop them needing to be on the street.

A permanent home is the start to a new life, we can’t help everyone BUT let’s help the ones we can.

Having recently formed The Charities Charity collective webpages, The LiveandOwnTheDream© Foundation which draws income from a wide range of our commercial Lifestyle Service provision,

the wealth created from these is then distributed to our nominated causes, the first for the Homeless – our goal is £250k in the first year. 

The British Landlord Association are pleased and thankful for the hard work AFS have and are doing to put all this together. Without AFS we would not have been able to do this and we thank them for their kind hearts.

Watch our youtube video

homeless support AFS and The BLA

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