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Landlord to evict hundreds more after he once banned ‘coloured’ tenants for ‘smelling of curry’


kent-landlord-evicting-hundredsBritain’s most hated landlord

Mr Fergus Wilson branded by some as ‘Britain’s most hated landlord’ is evicting hundreds of tenants as the controversial landlord sell some or all of his property portfolio.

Mr Wilson a Multimillionaire, infamously known for his comments on banning ‘coloured’ tenants because they smell like ‘curry’, hopes to sell his portfolio of 300 homes by the end of 2019.

The 70-year-old landlord is planning to serve his tenants notices to vacate their homes so they can be sold.

Last month his wife Judith Wilson, 68, was ordered to pay £25,000 in fines and legal costs last month for failing to supply hot water to a disabled tenant.

Threatens to crash Ashford’s property market

The couple, who live in Kent, said they would appeal the decision and threatened to crash Ashford’s property market by selling their property portfolio.

Mr Fergus has revealed 32 properties he owned have already been sold independently. Mr Fergus is in consultation to sell the remaining property portfolio in batches.

The Wilsons, was one of Kent’s largest private residential landlords who at one time owned a portfolio of 1,000 properties.

A tenant, who asked not to be named, said: ‘I hate him. We all do. It’s low rent housing – if I could afford to move elsewhere, I would.

‘I’m not one of the first lot getting turfed out, but I do feel like it’ll happen any day now.

‘It’s not fair – I’m struggling to sleep because I’ve got Fergus Wilson’s sword of Damocles dangling above my head.’

90 Section 21 notices under the housing Act will be served on Mr Fergus’s tenants next week, which will give the tenants two months to give up possession.

‘I do feel sad for people who are going to be homeless, it will be hardest for parents with young children, because most landlords won’t accept them,’ he said.

Author; Tracy Hemming

Date; 12th of January 2018

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