COVID-19 Rent Arrears

COVID-19 rent arrears letter template for landlords to use for defaulting renters. It is a template that can be adapted as required.

Rent Arrears Letter 1

An initial gentle letter, putting the tenant on notice of the rent arrears and a reminder to pay as soon as possible.

Rent Arrears Letter 2

A follow-up letter 2, requesting the tenant to pay the rent within seven days. Links to various benefit options, including means form.

Rent Arrears Letter 3

The final letter, before serving a section 8 notice, requesting the tenant to pay the rent urgently. Template Sets out the implications of the court action.

Section 8 Letter 1

Rent arrears section 8 cover letter template, to accompany a section 8 notice for any of the grounds 8,10 or 11.

Section 8 Letter 2

This letter is used when the section 8 notice expires. It urges tenant to contact the landlord urgently, or court action will commence promptly.

Breach Letter 1

A template letter for breach of tenancy for damage to property or nuisance like noise etc. This template is useful as a pre section 8 notice for ground 12

Breach Letter 2

A template letter to accompany section 8 notice, ground 12 or other related grounds. It is commonly used, for damage to property or nuisance like noise.

Pre-Bailiff Letter

Template letter used when you have received a court possession order, requesting the tenant to engage in a check-out and or property inspection.

Bailiff Letter

Template letter to the tenant regarding bailiff and setting out the process and timeline, requesting the tenant to engage to ensure a smooth process.

Pre-Eviction Letter

This template letter is informing the tenant of the date and time of eviction, requesting the tenant to remove all belongings, item etc.

Post-Eviction Letter

A template letter that requests ex-renter to collect items, property that is remaining in the property with a time limit.