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Global Property Brochure Run on Blockchain – New way of doing business


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Word-of-mouth is still the most trusted resources according to leading market researcher Nielsen, “… people don’t trust advertising, at least not as much as they trust recommendations from friends and consumer opinions expressed online.”

Over 92% of consumers now trust recommendations from our peers more than we trust brands.

Do You Still Need A Brochure To Sell Your Home?

Do you still need a brochure to sell your home? It’s an obvious question to ask given that most homeowners sell their homes via one of the biggest property portal advertising professionally done beautiful images to encourage buyers to motivate their family and friends to talk about the listing.

Most of us don’t question what value there is in marketing properties in this way and if, in fact, glossy brochures are more about promoting the agent’s brand than our homes.

Referral Marketing

My Backyard believes that referral marketing has potential to be a far more effective way to market properties by engaging users and providers to create their own listings and share globally. Some of the most successful brands and greatest pioneers of referral marketing are the newcomers, unicorn businesses like Google, Amazon and Netflix.

“Netflix arguably has a head-start on word-of-mouth marketing. Its core product (original programming like House of Cards) offers an enjoyable and original experience that people naturally want to talk about. However, Netflix boosts its CX by tapping into user data and sentiment – and delivering exactly what people want on the back of it.” Nikki Gilliland, Econsultancy.

My Backyard Brand: Created By You
One-size-fits-all brochure won’t work for future social-media-savvy homeowners.  Going forward listings will need to be truly authentic to gain consumer buy-in and will need to reflect the diversity and the rich cultural heritage of the four billion and growing population currently online.

Western societies alone have many cultural icons that can help providers to put not just images, but soul into their listings, from the awesome brashness of Muhammad Ali, the historical beauty of Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia, the surreal and quirkiness of a Dali painting, the sub-culture and graffiti-art of Banksy or the pathos of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to the quintessential British irreverence of the Sex Pistols we have it all in our bones to make listings far more exciting than a property brochure offering premium listings as its main selling point.

As the song ‘Express Yourself!’ advocates “But everything don’t mean a thing if ain’t the thing you want.” We can do so much more to target a demographic with listings so long as we take an organic approach and allow consumers to have control.  This is My Backyard’s brand and it will be created by you.

Peer-To-Peer Listings

On My Backyard Platform listings will come alive through social media, videos, periscope broadcasts, Facebook images of family gatherings; fun activities that showcase your lifestyle in a myriad of social settings that users can enjoy sharing via their newsfeeds from the comfort of their armchair.

Uniformity can of course work, especially for corporate listings but there is also a place for the highly personalised.   These are peer-to-peer listings made by providers so that consumers will not only trust; they will share widely and with good fortune, some listings may go viral.  Word-of-mouth marketing is tried and tested and works.

Blockchain Listings

Think of My Backyard as a global property brochure run on blockchain.  Behind every listing you can record all property data in real-time and validate property history, registration of land titles and mortgages.  Blockchain technology is transforming a nineteenth century conveyancing market with twenty first century technology so homeowners can ensure that their properties are transaction-ready.  This is not science fiction.  The government in the Republic of Georgia is already using blockchain in conveyancing.

Social Networking & Real-Estate

To quote Robert Kiyosaki, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks.  Everyone else looks for jobs.” Staying connected to the platform will ensure that your network is ready to assist when you need to search for or market properties and will help you to drastically reduce marketing costs, maximise referrals and speed up transactions.

It’s simple to manage your network: send message requests, post listings, request properties, participate in group chats or just follow.

Let’s Revolutionise Listings

My Backyard Platform is revolutionising the listing model by disrupting the global property portal market with a property listing culture built from below. Ensure your listing stands out from the crowd and join our club. We’ll help you to expand your network so that your listings reach a global audience. All we ask is that you share.

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Source; For the BLA by mybackyard

Date; 22nd of February 2019

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