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Landlord forum for all landlords to interact with each other ask or answer any wide range of questions including tenant eviction, letting agent, licensing and tenancy problems. Using this landlord forum, you agree to the T & C’s of the BLA Landlord Forum. Submit a question

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can i ask my tenants if they have pets?
OpenAvatar of Jatinder DhanoaJatinder Dhanoa commented 5 months ago • 
445 views0 answers0 votes
snail in a box tax avoidance story
AnsweredLANDLORD FORUM 1John answered 2 years ago • 
486 views1 answers1 votes
Claiming costs as expenses travelling to and from let property?
AnsweredLANDLORD FORUM 2Philip answered 2 years ago • 
507 views1 answers2 votes
My tenant has bed bugs. Who is responsible for treating this?
AnsweredLANDLORD FORUM 3Peter Ross answered 2 years ago • 
503 views2 answers2 votes
My tenant has moved and will not now sign the tenancy.
AnsweredLANDLORD FORUM 4Chris Henshaw answered 2 years ago • 
481 views1 answers1 votes

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