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Zen 1zen tex asked 2 years ago

I applied for a licence as more than 4 living in my HMO, 3 years ago the Council inspected this house and said as it was only 2 storey fire doors would not be needed nor mains interlinked alarms in every bedroom on top of the ones in hall landing and kitchen they asked me to put in which I dutifully did as well as thumb turn exit locks.

This year the Council have said of the same house that even though it is still only 2 storey they now want fire doors throughout the house as well as interlinked alarms in all bedrooms!

I said all upstairs tenants only had to open their windows and there was a roof just below at a shallow 15deg pitch allowing them to easily escape – were fire doors absolutely necessary – they quoted Lacors back at me which when I read it, it says 2 storey houses may NOT need fire doors throughout !

Has any one here received a licence without having to have fire doors throughout a 2 storey building ?

It is a huge imposition as my door openings are none standard requiring whole new frames as well as doors- all to be done whilst tenants in the house – they also look crap and non domestic with door closers etc

love to know other peoples experiences of licence requirements for a 2 storey house

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