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Ukrainian refugees

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Ukrainian refugees 1Katie Foot asked 1 month ago

What sort of tenancy agreement (if any) is appropriate for Ukrainian refugees living in a property that would otherwise be rented out? The landlord wants to sponsor a family

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Ukrainian refugees 2Marc Attwater Staff answered 1 month ago

If they live with you and they share the same bathroom and kitchen then they are lodgers and you can use a lodger agreement or a licence agreement one that expressly states the agreement is not an "assured shorthold" tenancy.

BLA have several licence and lodger agreements you can use.

Ukrainian refugees 3Katie Foot
replied 1 month ago

The property is currently empty and the landlords live in Scotland now (house is in Oxfordshire) so the Ukrainians could not be classed as lodgers, more like guests. But they want to sponsor the family and are prepared to offer the house. Just want some protection to be on the safe side. Government rules say min 6 months but it’s not clear what would happen if landlords needed the house back then or, say, 9-12 months’ time.<br /> Local letting agent has refused to manage the property, even for normal fees, as rent is not being paid!

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