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Tenants agreed to scaffolding prior to moving out

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: OtherTenants agreed to scaffolding prior to moving out
Emma S asked 2 years ago

Long story cut short! We are selling a house which until recently we have had tenants in. They have been nothing but difficult, refusing to let the buyers' mortgage valuer in, messing us about, and we had let them leave prior to their notice period so it's even more infuriating they have been so unhelpful.

Anyway on the inventory pictures sent by the letting agent,from when they moved out, we see that there is scaffolding in the garden - literally first we heard of it. Turns out the tenants agreed to next door putting scaffolding up in our garden. Something they are not authorised to do. Obvoously they didn't care because they were moving out.

This could cost us financially because our buyers may not want to move in until it's gone. Haven't got a solid answer from the lettings agent yet on how long it will be up.

My question is really, can I go after the tenants at all for agreeing to something which was absolutely not in their remit to agree to? I don't know yet what this might cost me, but they have done something they clearly were not allowed to. Can I do anything?

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Trevor answered 2 years ago

Dear Emma

May be worth speaking the neghbour requesting they rejig the scaffolding so it is on there property. It amounts to trespass and they must have known the person giving consent is not the owner.

However, they should have carried out a check through the land registry and then contacted the owner before ercted it in your garden.

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