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Tenant is asking for compensation for protecting the deposit late

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: OtherTenant is asking for compensation for protecting the deposit late
XIAOBIN SU asked 1 month ago

My relationship with my long time tenant has recently fallen out. We signed a tenancy agreement back to 2017. It then bacame a rolling contract. He took one of three rooms in one of my property. Rent 750pcm and Deposit 1,000pcm. He always kept up with payment but he always complaint about small things. And he made a mess and take a lot of share space of other tenants.

Bad news is I didn’t protect his deposit till he brought it up last year. I suggested that he should consider to move out if he is not happy with me as a landlord. I then registered with mydeposit but the maximum I can hold is 5 weeks rent. So I sent him the certificate and advise him to take the difference from his next rent which he didn’t . I then served him a 6 month notice to move out following the government covid guideline. Now, 6 weeks away from the move-out date, he sent me an email asking for full refund of deposit of £1,000 and 3 times compensation, £4,000 within 14 days. It’s ridiculous but I sent him £132 difference between the original deposit and the protected amount. I told him the remaining deposit will be returned to him after he move out subject to check out.

I wonder what would be the most possible result if we end up on court? I don’t like to negotiate with an aggressive person but I have to admit I have failed to comply so I should prepare for the consequence. I hope someone can give me an advice from your experience or expertise. Thank you.

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 4 weeks ago

If you are a BLA member the legal team can help you. Ring them or email them.

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