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Tenant gives 3 months notice but doesn’t leave commercial property

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: EvictionTenant gives 3 months notice but doesn’t leave commercial property
Tony Morse asked 3 years ago

Hi i am looking for advice about a commercial property, the tenant said that he doesn't have to leave as he is protected by the government until March 2021, in the mean time the lease expired in November 2020, so as i didn't want him to be there without a lease i offered him two leases one for 6 and one for 12 months with an updated rent which was carried out by a commercial property surveyor, i also asked him to sign a contracted out agreement as he had only paid rent once on time all the second year he didn't report issues that were wrong with the property he wouldn't let me go there to inspect the property he didn't want to sign this or agree to a new lease, we had exchanged some emails, as i told him about breaches of the lease with things that had happened and he said that he would give me 3 months notice to quite the property so he should leave by the 23rd of December 2020 i have spoken to him and now he wants to stay and i have already signed a lease with somebody to take over the shop from the 1 January 2021, i have him saying in an email that he wanted to give three months notice, so where do i stand with this situation?? can he now go back to saying he is protected by the government until March after giving his notice ??. so much stress feel like i'm going to have a coronary the stress is unbearable, it seems that they are also causing me issues with sudden issue arising there now a leaking toilet cistern which looks like it was undone purposely which i fixed next day he broke the bracket off the commercial door entering the building yesterday but won't admit the repair cost locally was £400 so i have ordered which i hope will fix the door the roof was leaking which we fixed next day but he didn't tell me until weeks later so that there was a leak or when it started i'm just waiting for something else to happen any advice would be great. thank you

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 3 years ago

He can change is mind that is correct. Will need more indformation to advise properly. You can ring the free BLA Helpline they will be open 5th of January 2021 again.

Tony Morse replied 3 years ago

Hi Marc, thank you for the reply is the advice free or is there a fee? thank you this is the current situation

Hi have a tenant in my property who i have previous problems with, at present the situation is the lease has expired in November 2020 so there is no current lease he said that the government enabled him to stay until the ned of this March 2021 so in the mean time i arranged for a commercial property surveyor to give a valuation on a rent increase which he did i offered the tenant a choice of two lease one for 6 months with a slight rent increase and one for 12 months with the full rent increase but both leases to be contracted out after this he sent me 3 months notice which will take him to the 23rd of this month we are looking for new tenants and have had a lot of enquires he has emailed me to ask if we can go on a rolling monthly contract until we find a replacement but i'm not sure if that will give him the rights of the 1954 and to stay and with no lease signed if anybody can advise me I'd be really grateful thank you

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