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Tenant Eviction

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: EvictionTenant Eviction
Tenant Eviction 1Muds asked 6 months ago

Hi All

Hope everyone is well. My tenant is not leaving the property and not paying rent. Since Last May he has only paid for 4 months intermittently.Since this March he has not paid and delaying the process of moving out. I think he is forcing me to use eviction process which I was trying to avoid since March. He said he found a place in May however keeps delaying it. What is the quickest way to evict him. This is my only home and one property. I need to move back in ASAP. Any advice or guidence will much appreciated. Besides section 8 and section 21 is there any otehr quick way to evict him. Any advice will be much appreciated.


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Tenant Eviction 2Sarah Featherstone answered 6 months ago

Hi Muds,

Apart from section 8 & 21 notice there is no other way. You should serve both notices ASAP. It would seem the tenant is leading you up the garden path regarding the rent arrears.

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