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Tenancy change

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: OtherTenancy change
Tenancy change 1karen hayward asked 8 months ago

Hi I hope you can help me! I rent a two bed property to 3 people, a couple and a friend. The couple have split up and she’s moved out. She wants out of the tenancy agreement. We went through a letting agent for just finding and vetting tenants and they’ve said that she needs to give 1 month notice from rent due date to leave the property and the agreement. Her dad is a property developer and says this isn’t true, she’s given us 1 month notice from 1st March but the rent due date is 27th of month. So which is correct please? Many thanks, Karen

1 Answers
Tenancy change 2Marc Attwater Staff answered 8 months ago

All tenants are on one agreement, it does not mater what notice gives it has no legal basis and does not stand. All tenants need to give notice and convey vacant possession to you.

If they have seperate agreements please let me know and i can advise further.

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