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Splitting a tenancy

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: EvictionSplitting a tenancy
Davies asked 1 year ago

i have two related tenants equally signed up for a years tenancy at the end of May. one has now stated she needs to return to Romania in order to spend final time with her mother. As the lead tenant with the deposit registered to her, if she leaves with or without notice, will this end the tenancy with the remaining party knowing alone they would fail affordability checks or does it just continue until expiry?

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 1 year ago

were they both one one agreement?

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sara987 answered 1 year ago

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Thomas 007 answered 1 year ago

I think in your case, the lease will be before the expiration date. Just rented an apartment. This is a very complex process. So much to do. And it is especially difficult to make your own repairs, buy new furniture. I did not think that it would take so much strength and energy. Good luck Davies!

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Charles answered 1 year ago

I don’t know exactly all your circumstances, so I can’t exactly answer your question. I’m renting an apartment myself. And I was shocked at how much effort and work you need to invest. And it is especially difficult to make repairs, choose and buy new furniture. Good luck Davies!

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