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Retrospective EPC?

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: EvictionRetrospective EPC?
SHARON LOUGHTON asked 2 years ago

Hi, I have a property in which the tenant has a tenancy agreement and I have put the deposit in the DPS the elecrricty and gas checks are all up to date but I didnt have an epc in place or give them a copy of the right to let paperwork, they have been there 3 years and although I do not plan on giving notice anytime soon Id like to have everything all above board and correct just in case. Can someone advise which is the best way forward now, can I have the epc done retrospectivly and how can I make everything watertight in case I ever do need to issue notice. Thanks in advance for any assistance

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Sarah Featherstone answered 2 years ago

Hi, Sharon, The right to rent is regards to the checks you need to do before letting. So i am confused what papers you forgot to give to the tenant for "Right to Rent"?

It maybe worth considering giving the tenants another tenancy for say 6 months and then make sure you reseve all the documents and if you have not caried out the Righ to rent checks get them done as well. This will ensure you are better placed should you need to evict through the court in the future.

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