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Tara asked 11 months ago

my tenants been renting my flat for the past 6 years. during these 6 years I have treated and repainted the flat to resolve the issue of mould. bought a washing machine as they broke the one I left for them to use although tenancy agreement was for unfurnished flat. Three times the water pipeline were fixed as the neighbour notified me of the leakage. the tenants were unaware of the leak... once due to blockage on the kitchen drainage pipe that goes along the bathroom that lead to damage of wooden skirting board of the bathroom floor and the carpet on the corridor was soaking wet. When I pointed out the tenants was unaware of it. 2nd time leakage from under the bathtub during which time the cover board was changed. 3rd time was leakage of pipe inside the small pantry and the floor has pool of water for weeks that was leaking to the neighbour flat below and again the tenants said she was not aware of it. Because it is a fixture and basic necessities I took responsibility to fix it. but now there is a hole in the bathtub side cover and they broke on the top (joint) part too and taped it. she said her kids broke it and asking me to replace it with the new one as looking at it gave her mental stress. Her kids (2 children under 6 years old) dropped food on the carpet and there is stain all over, and she doesn't feel good to look at the carpet, the kids wrote on the wall and it needed painting. Is that wear and tear or property damage? am I as a landlord responsible for these new problems?

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