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Tony Morse asked 3 years ago

Can i ask if it\'s ok to put the rent up twice in a year? the government websites say you can at the end of each fixed term, so i wanted to offer my tenant 6 mothns fixed lease, followed by a 12 months lease,Rent reviewWe can extend the lease for another 6 months, but that would be with certain clauses in place when you sign this new lease and a small cost to yourself, as this will be a new lease, we are entitled to increase the rent, as we have been advised by an estate agents we are way below the market value, so we would want a monthly rental of £850.00. starting from the 20th of November 2020, we feel it unfair to go straight to full market rental until the 6 months lease has expired, we would want 3 months upfront, and to be paid up to date by the 1st of December for the already existing lease. Which expires on the 20th of November 2020, After the 6 months fixed period, we could offer you a 12 months lease at the full rentable value of the property of a round around £1000.00 per month, £12,000 per year. This new valuation is taken from another shop in the same location of approximate size being listed with estate agents, If none of this is agreeable by you, then we really have no other options but to place the property back on the rental market when this current situation ends.

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Sarah Featherstone answered 3 years ago

Read the notice on section 13 notice.

Tony Morse replied 3 years ago

Thank you

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sara987 answered 1 year ago

I'm also interested now. Thank you.

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