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Rent increase 1apinchbeck asked 4 years ago
Hi, This is my first time posting on this (or any) forum. We haven’t given any of our tenants rent increases in several years. We want to do this now but aren’t sure of the correct procedure. They are all on rolling contracts, I assume the notice must be in writing? Is there a notice period they must be given? Does it have to coincide with the anniversary of tenancy start? Do they have to be issued with a new contract and if so do details held by the Deposit Protection need to be amended?  Thank you in anticipation. 
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Rent increase 2Marc Attwater Staff answered 4 years ago

Good question’s our reply;

Yes it must be in writting. Must be the Section 13 notice prescribed notice.

The Notice period is one clear notice from the next rent due date.

You can only serve it if the tenancy is a periodic tenancy.

Section 13 notice notice is not required to be signed or agreed by the tenant (although signature is desirable)

For a section 13 notice there is no requirement for you to do anything spefic relating to the tenants deposit. However you must fully comply with the deposit legislation in every aspect as the law stands.

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