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Some advice 1Neil Palmer asked 1 year ago

Hi, A few things I am unsure on, if you serve a section 21 and the the contracts run out before the end date on the section 21. Does this mean it will be invalid?Also if you serve an invalid section 21 can you put the rent up when the new tenancy agreement comes up for renewal?

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Some advice 2Neil Palmer
replied 1 year ago

Bad advice from a friend on serving the section21

Some advice 3simon Horwell
replied 1 year ago

Section 21’s run-on despite tenancy agreement expiration. You must follow every rule in the book – one tiny error on an s21 will see the Court throw it out.

If you are suggesting increasing the rent due to your maladministration to recover your costs, this would be immoral at best. Why would you serve an invalid s21??

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Some advice 4Marc Attwater Staff answered 1 year ago

No, the notice will still be valid.

Some advice 2Neil Palmer
replied 1 year ago


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