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Question about possible law action against my letting agency

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: EvictionQuestion about possible law action against my letting agency
matt001 asked 2 years ago


I have a question about possible law action I could take against my letting agency/landlord after the situation they put me through. Let me describe the situation...

I was renting a studio flat in HMO, I was paying my rent on time for more than 2 years. One day the local council decided that they have to close the building down as it's unsafe to occupy due to problems with fire alarm and I believe some other tenants.

My letting agent has knocked on my door and said I have to leave the building now and I should take only the most precures personal belongings like a tooth brush and I should leave and wait for an update. When I was taking some of my things out I saw police, fire department and people from council so I thought there is some problem and I should leave and come back later as advised.

I went to stay at my friends house and was hoping to get some replacement studio flat from my letting agency but they were saying that they can offer me only ensuite room and they were delaying and avoid contact with me finally after a week I managed to meet with them in their office and I spend few hours talking with them and asking if they can give me this room as I don't have other place to go but at the end they didn't provide me with the room as they said they don't have anything and the moment and they will have rooms ready in 2 weeks and they asked me to leave.

This situation puts me through a lot of stress and it gets more stressful as the time passes. Most of my personal belongings are still in my old studio flat and I don't even have access to it as the building is boarded up and all doors are closed. I am afraid someone could break in there and steal my things that I have been collecting for years. I was only given an email address from the letting agency saying I should write to them and they will arrange a meeting with me when I can collect the things but they haven't responded yet.

I was so shocked they can kick someone out on the street especially when they pay rent every month. No notice was given to me and I was asked to leave straight away. Also no replacement recommendation was provided for me.

Is it possible I take some legal action against my letting agency and try to get some type of recompensation for this situation ? Could you point me in the right direction and tell me who I should contact about it ?

Many thanks.

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 2 years ago

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