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Property repairs when you’re away

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Property repairs when you’re away 1Neil Jones asked 1 year ago

My job requires me to travel quite a bit and when I do I am very often out of contact for 1-2 weeks at a time. So when I started letting out my property, I decided to use a property management agency so that if there were any problems they could take care of it for me.

Unfortunately, they proved to be completely worthless. Unable to do even the normal day to day stuff let alone deal with an emergency. After two years of constant hassle and screwups by them I finally managed to get rid of them a few months ago and I have begun managing the property myself.

But I still have the original problem of what to do if there is an emergency when I’m away and an urgent repair is needed.

Is it possible for me to make an addition to the rental contract (with the tenant’s agreement of course) where I simple say if I’m out of contact the tenant can get the problem fixed and I will reimburse them provided they have the necessary receipts, replacements are like for like, etc?

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Property repairs when you’re away 2simon Horwell
replied 1 year ago

That seems very reasonable and fair. You should also stipulate that the tradesperson they choose is qualified, insured, and registered.

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Property repairs when you’re away 3Marc Attwater Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes you can.

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