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Notice to leave property

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: EvictionNotice to leave property
Notice to leave property 1Lorraine SWORD asked 11 months ago

Tenant (an ex estate agent who seems to know every loophole) informed us she was leaving the property via email in May by the end of that month, she eventually left after giving us 3 further dates in June and made no further contact, although we had emailed asking what was happening. The property was left empty for 4 days over the weekend and we entered the property and changed the locks. She now claims we should have advised her we were going into the property as she was going to clean it, which i doubt as she has arrears of £13,000 which is being pursued through the courts.She had wanted us to lie to her future landlord through an agency (who is obviously a friend from her estate agent days) to say she had no arrears which we refused and she then said we were forcefully keeping her in the house, which we weren\’t we just feel its unfair on the new landlord being duped by the agency who is obviously a friend.

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Notice to leave property 2Marc Attwater Staff answered 10 months ago

It’s good you wre hones with the new landlord. Other wise the problem continues.

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