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New Electrical Safety standards 1st July 2020

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: ElectricalNew Electrical Safety standards 1st July 2020
Elaine Williams asked 3 years ago

My small flat required an Electrical Safety Standards Certificate. Cost £120. The electrician said that the consumer unit needed replacing. His charge for doing this, £350. The unit cost £37, any competent electrician could have removed the old unit and fitted the new one in 2hrs max. I had to accept this bec the tenant was due to move in 2 working days later. He also charged £150 to earth the gas and water supply, this was a task that probably took 3hrs.

When I challenged him about the cost he did not charge £120 for the safety certificate.

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Paul Ross answered 3 years ago

i have had the same experience. Electricians seem to be charging a lot of money for what they do.

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