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Naz Abbabil asked 4 years ago

On seeing the provisions made by the Government, it became obvious to me that tenants will exploit the situation in both commercial and residential lets. The latter is more vulnerable. We now have the Courts shut down;notice period extended to 3 months; the usual court and bailiff's delays.Tenants can exploit the situation for maybe a year or more and then do a runner. Also, no provision has been made for landlords witout a mortgage.

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Mary answered 4 years ago

Good points raised Naz. Its what nearly all landlords are discussing. The possible reason why n provisions for landlords with no mortgages are probably they don't need any help as they are mortgage-free

One serious problem we are nearly all facing is. Tenants really believe that landlords are going to get 3 months mortgage paid, so why should they, the tenants pay any rent???

It's not correct landlords are going to get any money from the government.

However, the commercial sector has not escaped the hit this time. The commercial sector too are in a serious problem.

Commercial tenants are openly saying they are not going to pay rent and some are asking for 6 months off. I am talking about large chains.

Things are not good for any off us.

Dont know what other landlords are thinking about this whole situation???

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Peter Banner answered 3 years ago

All the landlords associations are now calling on the Government to provide help for all landlords like a grant.

The BLA it would seem are playing a part to push the government to provide help for landlords.


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