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MTD for landlords 1Joanne Smith asked 4 months ago

Anyone have any recomendations for MTD software please? We only have 4 properties so not looking for anything huge as not registered for VAT, nor intending to be.

I want to set up digital accounts and become familar before the 2023/24 transition year, so this april seems best option.

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MTD for landlords 2Marc Attwater Staff answered 4 months ago

You are probably better of using the free BLA app https://www.gosimpletax.com/bla/

MTD for landlords 3Joanne Smith
replied 4 months ago

Thank you Mark, I will have a go with it. I am an accountant by profession so can easily do my tax return, but going quarterly for MTD means constantly updating spreadsheets, so think software is the way to go.

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