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Lodger Agreement

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: LettingLodger Agreement
Lodger Agreement 1Micaila Williams asked 11 months ago

Hi all,

I have just agreed to let a room at home and have downloaded the Lodger agreement on this website but it is very short and doesn’t have any details other than the agreement to let. Does anyone know where I can get a fuller copy or know what I need to add in?


1 Answers
Lodger Agreement 2Marc Attwater Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Micaila, The BLA does a comprehensive agreement for lodgers. Not all documents are listed on the website, email them and they will send you one free, provided you are a member.

Lodger Agreement 3Micaila Williams
replied 11 months ago

Thank you Marc – yes just registered as a member!

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