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Letting agent problem

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Janet Monk asked 3 years ago

We have ceased using our letting agent to manage our property due to various problems and taken over the management ourselves. We have asked for the tenancy agreement But they refuse to give it to us stating it’s because of data protection. Are they allowed to do this?

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Dilip answered 3 years ago

GDPR does not apply, the agent acts at your behest and it is your absolute right to obtain the documents. You should ask them for the following document:

  1. Credit & referencing report
  2. Tenancy agreements
  3. Deposit certificate 7 deposit prescribed information
  4. EPC
  5. How to rent booklet
  6. Correspondence between agent and tenants.
  7. Any notices that may have been served on the tenant

If you are a member of the British Landlords Association you can request one of there letting agent termination draft letters. It's free like much of the BLA services.

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