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Judge held over judgement

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: EvictionJudge held over judgement
Jeff Haigh asked 3 months ago

Commercial property let 7 months behind in rent had a court date for telephone hearing, both tenant and solicitor for tenant did not attend asked Judge to make a judgement but Judge decided to hold over for 21 days to find out why neither attended and said he would set a new hearing date at the earliest available date after 21 days. Cant win either way.

blankJeff Haigh replied 2 weeks ago

What can i do about proof of property insurance that is a pre-requisite of the tenancy agreement and the tenant has not provided proof for over 2 years. Is this a breach of the tenancy ?

blankJeff Haigh replied 3 months ago

Judge has set a new hearing date which may not go ahead due to 2nd lockdown, what is unsure now is the possibility of an extension of the sect 82 Act moretorium will landlords ever get their property back before going bankrupt ?

2 Answers
blankMarc Attwater Staff answered 3 months ago

Just in case something serious happended to the tenant or tenants lawyer, thejudge has given directions accordingly. What you dont want is a judement, only for the tenant to make an application notice have it set aside.

blankMarc Attwater Staff answered 1 month ago

The courts seem to be getting very bad. They dont seem to be function as well as one would expect.

blankJeff Haigh replied 1 month ago

A court hearing has now been set aside for August 2021 so tied into another prolonged wait. Why are the various associations not asking the government to amend the covid act section 82 to which the moratorium was to protect those in the retail, entertainment, pubs and restaurants from being evicted and yet also allows other industries to jump on the band wagon and who have maintained a work load and yet still refuse to pay any rent because they dont have to.

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