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How to complain to DWP/Local Council/Universal Credit

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: Rent ArrearsHow to complain to DWP/Local Council/Universal Credit
How to complain to DWP/Local Council/Universal Credit 1Anne Taylor asked 1 year ago

Has anyone had any success with complaining about local council’s Universal Credit Departments?

My problem is that my council continued to pay the housing element of my tenants Universal Credit to the tenant even though over a period of 5 months I contacted them numerous times informing them that the rent wasn’t being passed on. They told me there was nothing they could do until the tenant presented, in person her tenancy agreement. My argument is that the Government website states that a trigger to setting up a APA or MPTL can be information from the landlord to say the tenant is in arrears. I have complained to DWP complaints team with no success and have now gone to the Independent Case Examiner but am not holding out any hope. I have been informed of the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman but was wonderiing if anyone else had any ideas. I am wanting them to pay the £1800 arrears in a lump sum and not ar £40per month that they are doing now. Thanks for any advice.

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How to complain to DWP/Local Council/Universal Credit 2Rami Bekhit
replied 1 year ago

It is difficult to take any degree of a humanitarian position with respect to DWP tenants.

Universal credit will only consider rent arrears or rental payments direct to landlords when possession action is not being taken. As soon as they become aware of the possibility of a possession order, direct rental payments or rental arrears payments will cease. Legislation is designed to exploit the private landlord to provide collateral for DWP tenants so that government & councils do not have to.

Rent arrears are paid back to a maximum of 20% of a tribute April universal credit award In practice means payments towards rent arrears are are typically a maximium of £80 per month but usually £40 p.m.

Rental payments have to be at least 2 months in arrears which means a pay back period to the landlord of:

E.g. rent of £500 per month

( 2x £500) / £80 = 12 months to pay back rent arrears

Experienced DWP tenants will easily generate several months if not a year of rent arrears being equivalent to a 10 year pay back period to landlords. Practical to expect to be able to take a deposit to cover the likely rent arrears.

DWP claimants exist for a reason: either mentally challenged or welfare parasites. They won’t have any money they won’t pay rental top ups and they won’t be able to pay back rent arrears.

Taking Court action is detrimental to the landlord who then loses their Direct rent payments generating further rent arrears and even if a court award in their favour but hey that’s great might be £4 a week comma because the tenant has spent their universal credit award on drugs, booze and crime.

Even a slum landlord should not rent to DWP. landlords who accept DWP tenants are simply ill-informed.

If you use lawyers who delay to exaggerate costs, the rent arrears will accumulate further making the situation much worse.

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How to complain to DWP/Local Council/Universal Credit 3Marc Attwater Staff answered 1 year ago

Complain to your MP

How to complain to DWP/Local Council/Universal Credit 2Rami Bekhit
replied 1 year ago

MPs are completely useless.

There is nothing that can be done about rent arrears other than obtaining possession. Lawyers likely won’t make their client landlord fully aware: either get rent arrears with a money order and keep the tenant or get possession and lose the rent arrears.

Private landlords should simply never rent to DWP unless they get a direct payment instruction from Universal Credit before the tenancy starts and can accept the lower than market rent that UC offer. Still a strong deposit is required, because DWP tenants don’t care about CCJs so may use allegations of harassment and property damage to enable improvement notices so that they can exclude their landlord in order to enable lodger non-tenants & illegal activities like cannabis farms. Private landlords should simply never rent to DWP!

How to complain to DWP/Local Council/Universal Credit 5Anne Taylor
replied 1 year ago

Thank you. That is on my list of options. Has anyone had any success by complaining to their MP? Unfortunately for me I’m an overseas landlord so don’t really have an MP in the UK even though my properties are there. I think the MP for the area will say he can’t help me. It’s all about vote catching when all said and done.

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