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how-do-you-reference-a-company-prior-to-signing-the-co-let-agreemet 1deanmicjames80 asked 4 years ago
Hi All
I have agreed to place tenants which have come via company, and have asked me what I require from them in regard to referencing.
I just wondered, if anybody had done this sort of tenancy before and do they know what I need to search/reference. If they have a form they could pass to me I would appreciate this very much. Thabks in Advance.
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how-do-you-reference-a-company-prior-to-signing-the-co-let-agreemet 2Marc Attwater Staff answered 4 years ago

before i can proceed in offering my opinion is your tenant going to be a company or an orgnisation?

if so you need the full company name, company number and registered office. you can instruct a credit and reference company to carry out checks. It is always good to get a directors guarantee too. Beware if the company has just be incorporated in the last 18 months.

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