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Guarantor + change of tenant

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Susan England asked 3 years ago

I have joint tenants sharing an AST which commenced Feb 2020 for 12 months fixed term. They are friends. The mother and the father of one of the tenant's each act as guarantors. They have been ideal tenants but one tenant is moving out. The boyfriend of the other tenant (the tenant whose parents are the guarantors) wishes to take over as joint tenant and move in. I am doing this by Deed of Assignment. Does the guarantor-ship continue and/or do I need to notify the guarantors formally and/or ask them to agree to sign new guarantor forms before I accept the boyfriend as a tenant (he does not need a personal guarantor)?

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Susan, you will need a new guarantors agreement.

Susan England replied 3 years ago

Thank you

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