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GLORIA DAVID asked 3 years ago

I have had enquiries about having pets in the property. Usually I do not take people with pets but noticed that it may be hard to find someone. My question is:-

Do we take a pet deposit? on top of the normal deposit does the law allow us to do so

If the pet damage's by scratching doors & floor boards are their any way we could ask the tenants to replace them?

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 3 years ago

The fee ban on deposits must be adhered to and that includes a landlords accepting pets. You cannot increase the deposit over the legal limit under the fee ban legislation.

However, a pet is an occupant and you can charge a slightly higher rent to mitigate the risk. Landlords generally are charging £50 more per month for tenants who have pets.

Mr Sasha charles of Landlord Advice UK has done a blog on this, which you may find usefull


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