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Furnishing a two bed flat

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Sophie Milliken asked 3 years ago

I'm soon to complete on a two bed flat that I want to let out to a professional couple. What would everyone advise re furnishing the flat?

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 3 years ago

To let unfurnished would be better, the rent between unfurnished or furnished is not that much if at all. Anyone wishing to rent an unfurnished property also generally indicates the tenants are looking to rent for a longer period, this reduces the void perod too.

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johnnyy answered 1 year ago

I'm in the same boat. I used to make some interier renovation in my flat before it was rented. I used to check everything in modern style and my favourite room was bathroom. So I found cool ones on https://creativeglassstudio.co.uk/bespoke-shower-enclosures/crittall-showers shower for my apartment.It is London based studio and the installation is included in the price.

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