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Michal Jablonski asked 3 weeks ago


I’ve been trying to get freeholder tog get to fix a missing roof tile in one of my properties. This has been reported in early May however I believe that this hole in the roof has led to the rat infestation in the attic reported in Dec last year. All of my reports have been mostly ignored since missing roof tile is not an emergency. Freeholder is only undertaking emergency repaires because of the outbreak. I have a tennant who is terrified of rodents not mentioning that they can also spread disease. I have cought 5 rats in the last week alone. What other options have I got please.

Michal Jablonski replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you for your advice. Roof tile has now been replaced but it is not satisfactory repair in my view because facias are badly roten due to weather exposure.
I will get quotes for repair.

1 Answers
Janet answered 3 weeks ago

Get the freeholder to agree for you to obtain quotes. Let the freeholder have the costs and agree to go ahead for repair with a contractor.

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