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forfeiting a lease.

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: Evictionforfeiting a lease.
Caroline Schwartz asked 2 years ago

Hi am new here.

For the past 18 months my commercial tenant has not paid any rent although he got money from the government. To be fair the premises were closed down by the lockdown. However businesses are now allowed to trade by my tenant refuses to open the place and work. He is perfectly happy to remain in this stuuttquo until March 2022. this creates me immense financial losses and soon bankrupcy will beatug me in the face. He owes me rent arrears which he decided to erase. My tenant is out of orr.So I need to know whether I can forfeit the lease now before I go completely bankrupt? thanks. i don’t get it how to write on here. I can’t erase or correct words. so on line 4 it should read in this status quo.

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