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First time landlord 1Nichola Carr asked 1 year ago

This is my first residential rental property. Is there a check list anywhere where I can easily see all the things I need to do/think about?

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First time landlord 2Marc Attwater
Staff replied 1 year ago

In our opinion the market will fall in 2021, by how much is the big question. It does depend if the government is going to continue pumping money into the economy.

First time landlord 3Thomas Lee
replied 1 year ago

Never ever use a brick-and-mortar agency…would be my advice. now with pandemic and limitations on viewings — online online online is what you want. do your research obviously but after listing my E12 flat with these guys i think thats the way forward… https://propertyloop.co.uk/become-owner/overview noone can tell you how things will be next year once the vaccine goes national, but i really think that this market will not be the same again.

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First time landlord 4Marc Attwater Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes the bla have written several blogs on this. This one may be of use to you:


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