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Does my property need emergency lighting?

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: ElectricalDoes my property need emergency lighting?
Paul Jones asked 2 years ago

I have a terraced house which has been completely renovated inside. I am now in the process of getting it ready to rent next month so i subscribed to this website for support. I am now reading some materials which have things i have not considered before like do i need emergency lighting? The house does not have any natural light on the landing so does that mean i need emergency lighting or am i interpreting the legislation/information too literally?


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Marc Attwater Staff answered 2 years ago

Emergency lighting is generally for HMO's. However, all rental properties ought to be safe and if by not having natural light may cause a hazard or is a safety issue then you can fit lighting with a sensor. Emergency lighting you do not need if let to a family and is not a HMO (England).

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