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Covid19 rules favouring tenants

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Annette Allemagne asked 3 years ago

I have lived in my house for 40 years. I moved out temporarily to Gloucestershire and I’m currently renting in a town where my daughter lives. I gave myself 12 months from last March to decide whether to downsize or stay in the family home.

I am depressed here and my health has deteriorated because I find it isolated and difficult to make friends. I need to return to London - I have medical needs there and in this current situation where vulnerable people should not travel on public transport if possible. The tenants were given notice by my managing agents - originally two months which should’ve ended on May 7 but because of COVID-19 they did not allow any viewings as one of them was vulnerable. I think they have just been digging their heels in.

In order to return to my roots in London, for my mental health to improve and for me to downsize near to my own area, I need to sell my house ASAP which was put on the market in February with first viewings due in March. I was interested in one flat and I am concerned it will go if I can’t sell my house I was interested in one flat and I am concerned it will go if I can’t sell my house

Legislation favours the tenants under the pandemic. This means I cannot sell my own house, I have to stay in the country where I can afford the rent (cheaper than London) and my health may deteriorate further.

With the reopening of the market I am not sure if the tenants will do exactly the same again and prevent me from selling the house by saying they can’t find anywhere else to rent and buy preventing viewings.

I am not a seasoned landlord and this rental was a one off. Can anyone give me some help and suggestions please?

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 3 years ago

I would do the following:

  1. As a member of the British landlord association, you can use the BLA helpline. If you are not a member, join, membership is free. https://thebla.co.uk/membership-options/

  2. Send your documents the tenancy agreement and section 21 Notice so they can be checked to ensure everything is in order. Should you have to go to court, at least you know the documents are correct and all in order.

  3. Push your letting agent to reach out to the tenants to give up possession amicably. Ask your agent if, they can offer them alternative accommodation/tenancy.

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Annette Allemagne answered 3 years ago

Thank you Marc. I will do as you suggest by contacting The letting agent. I don’t have a copy of the section 21 which was served on the tenants but the estate agent said it was in order? The tenants accepted it. I will tell the letting agent that if, for whatever reason, he has not got into the house for viewings by 1 July to serve the tenants with a section 8. I guess this would put me in the eviction court case queue and become effective after the 25th August?



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