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Covid Act Moratorium

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Jeff Haigh asked 3 years ago

Why is the BLA not asking the Government to address the moratorium on the commercial aspect of property leases when there are companies that do not fall into the category for which the moratorium was established for i.e.: pubs, restaurants,cinemas, theatres, gyms and retail outlets and yet there are certain companies that are able to jump on the band wagon and use this as a way of protection to either prevent them from being evicted or allows them to stop paying rent, I refer to companies that continue to work in industries such as construction, building and manufacturing etc.. This situation not only effects landlords but will affect those companies that are abusing the system. Once the moratorium is lifted then those companies will be dealt with severely by an unprecedented number of statutory demands and putting further burden on the courts. If the government were to amend the moratorium and be more precise then the burden would be eased on possible company closures and the over burden on the justice system.

I look forward to you reponse.

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Marc Attwater Staff answered 3 years ago

Its incorrect to assume The BLA has not talking to the relevant members in government to air our concerns regarding the legislation as it stands. We are currently actively speaking to the Welsh government opposing (through the consultation period) any extension for protection for commercial tenants

Jeff Haigh replied 3 years ago

We need to tackle this through all parliamentary parties not just Wales

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