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Covid-19 and fixed period rental contracts on HMOs

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: OtherCovid-19 and fixed period rental contracts on HMOs
Paula asked 4 years ago

Many low income people including students have a room in an HMO on a fixed term contract. eg a student has to sign up for the whole academic year. These contracts seem to have no early termination notice period. When Universities were closed and students in HMOs advised to go home as the HMOs would not be safe to stay in as they had no virus control. But students are still being told they still have to pay a further 3 months rent even though they cannot use the room through no fault of their own. Please advise.

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John answered 4 years ago

Its a matter of a contract, The contract i.e the tenancy stands, so does the mortgage contract between the landlord and the lender. it seems unfair on both parties, landlord and tenant, both parties have to be amicable under the current circumstances.

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