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Council is advising Tenant to stay

LANDLORD FORUMCategory: EvictionCouncil is advising Tenant to stay
Council is advising Tenant to stay 1CJAM asked 4 months ago

Hi Everyone I am hoping you can give me some advice please. I have a AST agreement for 24 months with a tenant (friend of the family). It started June 2020 and ends June 2022. I have a break clause in the contract " LANDLORD’S ONE-OFF BREAK CLAUSE AFTER THE FIRST 6 MONTHS OF

THE TENANCY. The Landlord may end this Tenancy on the date which is 6 months after the start of the Tenancy by giving the Tenant at least 2 months’ notice in writing" I had served a Form 6A and give the tenant 4 months notice. Which she was happy to accept as she wants a council house and is struggling to pay the private rent. The council have advised the tenant that she does not have to leave the property until June 22 and that the break in the contract cannot be used. Can anyone shed any light on this please?


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Council is advising Tenant to stay 2Marc Attwater Staff answered 4 months ago

All councils advise tenants to remain in the property and let the landlord follow the eviction procedure. It does not matter if the fixed term tenancy has expired or not. That is their standard advice to all tenants.

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